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Chandi Prasad Aryal

Member ID: Not Available

Home Club: Lions Club of Pokhara Central Town

Club ID: 85963

Join Date: 2022-02-24

District Protocol: 1st Vice District Governor

Multiple Protocol: Not Available

I am 1st Vice District Governor of Lions Clubs International District 325 M for L/Y 2022-2023.

Padhau Abhiyan

Chandi Prasad Aryal's Biography

Involvement in Lions

Club / District

1. Chief District Administrator L/Y 2021-022

2. Co- Chief Advisor L/Y 2020-021

3. Padhaun Abhiyan Chief L/Y 2019-020

4. Senior Advisor L/Y 2018-019.

5. Cabinet Secretary L/Y 2017-018

6. Region Chairperson L/Y 2016-017


Club Level

1. Club President L/Y 2014-015

2. Club 1 Vice President L/Y 2013-014

3. Club 3rd Vice President L/Y 2012-013

4. Involvement in Lions Club Since 22nd March, 2004


Involvement in other Organization

Business (Directly Involvement) - Kalika Computer and Suppliers, Greensoft Software Pvt.

Ltd., Image Investment Pvt. Ltd., Supermadi Hydropower Ltd., Pokhara Event Center Pvt. Ltd., Central Town Film Pvt. Ltd., President of Computer Association of Nepal Kaski (2013

14), Central Committee Member of Computer Association of Nepal (2015-16)

Lions Convention/ISAME Forum Participation

A. ISAAME Forum:

1. Dubai 2. Nepal 3. Culcutta 4. Chennai Canada 4. Hawai America 5. Chicago America

B. International Convention:

1. Bushan Korea 2. Hamburg

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