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Let's acknowledge and remember our past. It's up to us to teach, instill pride and remember on whose shoulders we stand.

Girdhari Sharma

Girdhari Sharma

Past Multiple Council Chairperson

Lion Girdhari Sharma is one of the past Multiple Council Chairperson for L/Y 2004-2005.

Dhana Raj Acharya

Dhana Raj Acharya

Past District Governor

Lion Dhana Raj Acharya is one of the past District Governor from LC PKR Central Town.

Our Governor

                Satisfaction Through Service 

I would like to extend my gratitude for the privilege you have bestowed upon me to serve you through the leadership as the District Governor of Lions Club International District 325 M, Nepal for the Lion Year 2023-2024.

There have been many vicissitudes during the 53 Years' of history of Nepalese Lionship and in the midst of this, the service based on the principle of need; is incessant that has an impact on our society I feel that the gone experiences have gifted us both challenges and opportunities which will be faced simultaneously on our way forward at the present context. Alongside implementing the routine events, it is quite important to preserve the achievements of our District and expand the areas of new programs to a wider extent. This is a matter of pride to state that the International Lions Club has significant notice in our District because of our past activities and services. To sustain the supreme image of our District, we should target branding of Lionship in the society and communities keeping District 325 M, Nepal, as the foremost priority. Lions Club International has been regarded as the prominent Social Organization in the world due to the massive impacts of its campaign against blindness as well as other Philanthropic works that commenced in the first Century. However, in the second century, the organization has a mission to address Child Cancer Diabetes Environment Vision, and Hunger Relief through the establishment of the credence "Where is Need There is a Lion". Following the directorates of The Lions Club International and along with the continuation of former programs introduced by our seniors; I have extended the plan to implement a program of Lions Club to inaccessible backward areas in the Lion Year 2023-2024. The work areas include also converting members of the local lion clubs into Permanent members and hence centralizing our services to distant remote areas. This initiation would goal to include marginalized community members living in those areas in our service spectrum.

I hope this also would expand and develop leadership through training under the slogan Service, Leadership, Fellowship which has been the guideline of Lions Club International.

In my concluding notes, I would appeal to you to imbibe the essence of the pronouncement "Satisfaction through Service" and "Changing the World" respectively coined by District M 325 and International Lions Club for the achievement of our collective goals. I offer my fellow Lions in Clubs and District, to be deployed with high morale to stand out as the best District. Despite all impediments, I would expect the unified and collaborative efforts

within ourselves to achieve new heights in the historic phase of the forthcoming Lion Year 2023-2024 and I am very much assured of the fact that we will succeed to create a new glorious height of the LIONSHIP!

Thank You! Glory to being a Lion!

Our Governor
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Amrit   Shrestha

Amrit Shrestha

LC Kathmandu Nepa Valley

Prabindra  Dangol

Prabindra Dangol

LC Kathmandu Purna Tara

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